Y is for

Y is for yippie yay! now..Y am i so happy nih?

oh nuthin!just that today is FRIDAY peopol!no work tomorrow!(yes,myco’ still operates every alternate saturday!gosh!)


current updates on humble self

-still having d’heartburn.

-still gainin weight!

-much much regular trip to d’loo.!even the other day when i fast,i can still pee y’all!ni tak pose,lagi la kan..wish the ladies,is just NEXT to ME!

-another 27days more to …POP!..than poo!*yikes


things to look forward

-a loooOOooong holi holiday for myself,60days man!


things to take note

-ask pa’ to pasang wireless at home (so that i can still surf d net in anyroom within pump’reach,and keep myself sane..and oh,ofcoz..update tis smallblog of mine?)


current love

-my new desktop wallpaper!i loike!buat sendiri ok….!hehe..ok kiddin.i use tat picasa thingy.


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