funny har..har.. Part II

My morning ritual,everyday when i reach to my office,i would normally read the online newspapers,frm The S/tar…up till the Harian M/etro(who doest read this tabloid!hahaha).Ofcoz the hotstuff now would b the popdiva bigday,

but besidessssss tat…something interestin’ caught up my eyes the otherday. prasan tak?ada this green box(righthand corner column)

frm there,i click lah,to see hows the translation gonna be click!click!i go!

Here’s the website.Not so clear uh?nevermind.Then,i saw the ‘Berita Hiburan & Gossip’…mmmm yummy!ok,lets see how they translate!click awayyy!

Not so clear again uh?nevermind.Lemme rewrite here.

“Nicole Richie & ‘CSI’ Ketul Besar.”
“Adalah “Kehidupan Sederhana” star meromantikkan segar hottie?”

hhahahahaha…hihihhihihiiihihhi!!my first thot was,what?this richie girl ada tumor ke hape?ketul mende??!so,i went to the ORIGINAL english version.And here’s what the ACTUAL meaning

“Nicole Richie & the CSI Hunk
Is the “Simple Life” star romancing a new hottie?”

Ooo ok,this make sense!
Readin the direct translation,now..that makes me “feel” ‘bodoh’..hehehe.
Dun think i can the read the rest of it(BM version),im afraid the bb in mytummy,would suffer her mummy toomuch laughin!hahaahahaha..ok tu je.*pis y’all

3 thoughts on “funny har..har.. Part II

  1. itu mmg lawak…
    last week i watched hallmark (ur fav channel), then there’s one British movie.. The lady in the movie said “I’m sick of ur bloody jealousy” -biasa aa Brits, suka guna bloody kan… And then.. the translation……


    ahahahahhahahahahhahahha.. daripada citer ala2 family affair, terus jadi crime/thriller… hehehhehe

  2. “i sound stupid when i speak malay” can now be changed into ” i feel stupid readin’ in malay” kahkahkahkah…salah paper aaa translate macam tutttttttttttttt….

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