funny har har..

its funny..,when a fren misunderstood me thinkin i wanted to be a BigMomma,wherelse what i meant was a HotMomma


its ‘funny’..,when someone thot bein a mom is gonna ruin ur life?


its ‘funny’..,some people can have such a negative thots on parenting these days


its ‘funny’..,”thinkin” everyone shud agree to ones oppinion.


its ‘funny’..,when one claiming being a victim,where obviously she’s the culprit in the situation


its ‘funny’..,a girl who was brought up locally,feels ‘bodoh’ speakin her own mother tongue.

its ‘funny’..,knowing some ‘kid’ have the cheek’ to write silly stuff for her supervisor to approve it?

and whats more ‘funny’ is that..almost everyday since the ‘big’ announcement,there’s nothin more important to be reported than..about her ‘big’ day.*yawnn

on another note
its damn funny!,knowin hubba hubba’s fav.malay soap opera is finally back on tv!!with more juicy mucy stuff in the new season..har..har.


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