Pregnancy is a 40 weeks adventure! I know mine is almost comes to an end.Sure,i can’t wait for that BIGday to come..but,to *think myself w/o havin sensation feelin’of pump’ kickin’ and tossin ard in my tummy,i’m sure gonna miss it at one point of time!

For soon2b mother/hot mommas out thr,embrace ur pregnancy momment.This is the time to keeptrack of the milestones,ultrasound,first kick,doc’ appointmt,and ofcoz ..the search for ur maternity clothing!!

Here’s a list of my TOP 25 COOL pregger’s tees and tanks TAGline(to b wore across ur bump!).

1.Rub My Belly For Good Luck
2.Where there is love, there is life in
3.What’s kickin?
4.Let the love grow
5.The start of something special
6.Future PGA golfer inside (’ pa’ would love tis tee)
7. ? (a questionmark)
8.Pregnant not fat (wish i had tis!!)
9.Yes,im pregnant (and tis!!)
10.Is it just me?Or am I glowing?
11.Mind the Bump
12.Goddess with a Bump
13.Epidural Shmepidural aint easy being quesy
15.not finding out name yet giving goddess
18.From behing,you can’t even tell i’m pregnant
19.No.I dont know the gender not touch the belly
21.we’re hungry
22.Pregnant is the new Black
23.HE did this to me!!! (With a finger to point at the man you’re with.)
24.A womb with a view.
25.Pregnant by Choice!(uoohh..wish i had tis too!!)

As for daddies out thr.. who change diapers rule!
2.good daddies are Hot!

For grandad/grandma to be
->Yikes! My baby is having a baby.
->Don’t I look too young to be a grandmother/father


As of for me…i think tis top serve me rite 😉


4 thoughts on “MaterniTees

  1. wahhh its so cool..napa xpakai when we out?? pakai ah weekend nie any of those Written shirt for Preggie!!! ahaks

    as for Ted plz i wud love if he can use shirt with “drypers officer” or “MilkShake-r”

  2. cute nyer all the preggie outfits..!!! me want them soooooooo much..especially tis one –> !!! HE did this to me!!! (With a finger to point at the man you’re with.)

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