i’ve started to have my regular checkup since i hit my 8mth milestone,so now every 2wks i have my appoitment with my gynae.he’s such a cool ol’ man lah.eventho’ we spent barely 15mins with him,just to be told our baby are doin fine already make us both feel at peace.i can see he’s a man with A LOT of experience in this field.

ofcoz,pic below is not my pump’…but i’m imagining pump’ is sitting in this position now.looks pretty crampy uh..can’t wait to meet u dear,just a couple of days yah!


3 thoughts on “

  1. lerr..i tot tats ur pumpin πŸ™‚ tertipu la plak!!! well ira its about time ull be no more like b4..ull be Mommy very very soon huh

    so apa lagi lets go karoeke’ b4 u hold the title makBudak..
    p.s ted tlg ah jgn Malas πŸ˜‰ jom ah gi meLalak ngan leentut skali

  2. ala..ira..miracle is going to happen to you soon!!!! bestnya dah nak jadi mummy..so, before you have your lil’ pump..let’s get together shall we..nak tgk ira boyot at the very last minute huhuhu…

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