my search…has end.

again,an overdue entry.meant to write it earlier,but been caught up with my ‘laziness’.anyhow,it’s been a while since i last bought myself a handbag.not that i have lost interest in buyin one(please?me?dun thinkso!!),i’ve been good in resisting my temptation frm the MegaSales and all….but for this particular ‘bag’,ofcoz im not.coz i know,soon i’ll b wearin it.

whats an entry without a pic,may i present u, my new Sunflower carry-on Diaper Bag from Allerhand.

thanks to mycousin tamy for gettin it for us,durin her visit to singapore.*love ya chica!*

it’s just purrrfect!just what i imagine it to be.!u see,the ones that i found here in our local stores,mostly are too flowerish/childlish designs,too bulky,dull colors,etc….just choosy like tat!

this bag has pockets and places for everything, including a seperate bottle insulating pocket, a place for keys and cell-phone, a zip out diaper changing mat, a seperate clear bag for cosmetics and another section for baby first aid. It’s funky and well-designed bag and the colors are just my style. I am so pleased!

can’t wait to use it! 😉


5 thoughts on “my search…has end.

  1. muahaha SRIKING ORANGY…love the color’ sesway for BapakBaby to carry
    hey ted * no matter how big is ur cameraBag u stil need to carry this la, tats da’ purpose ira taking orange color instead??? * meant to be for Bapak Baby new Handbag 🙂

  2. hubb: u’ll b carryin d baby also la riteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…??! ;P
    tamy: hugs hugs! ha ah,saper laaa ek!!
    aeyya: u read mymind!yupp,another reason y i took orangy color,so that it doesnt look too girlish2..hah!retro gitu

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