33weeks update

… which technically means i’m in my eigth months d’.

on our lastest gynae’s visit :

pump’ has grown, and so has i.(tho’ dr h mention pump’s growth is pweety slow as to compare to its supposed schedule,laggin in 2wks).ofcoz i was bit worried,as he mentioned it could b pump’ not takin enough nutrient? frm my placenta.he predicted that the baby will be quite small.

ive gained about 12kgs since my pre-pregnancy..which is fine with me.some say small,some say big.so no worries uh, as i suspected,different babies and different mummies will show differently,right?

alhamdulillah… no swollen feet,…yet.leg cramps also has lessen,as hubbs been pestering me on takin the wyeth mama milk everynite!

scan pic:
will update later.tho’ not much can be seen..cept’ the head.


So so so..insya Allah another 45 days to the finishing line!( or is it to the starting line???)
pray for me y’all!


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