a weekend breakaway frm the horrendous citylife,was indeed a great treat for the both of us,and also the rest of hubbs family.there’s 9adults and 4kiddo in this trip.i must say,i was quite skeptical bout’ it atfirst,bein myfirsttime trip with the family and..a whole lot of em’.but boy was i wrong,the trip turns out to be somewat fun and enjoyable.kids was rather well behaved,and play among themselves,and for lil’damia,she’s such an angel!

the cute angel and her hot aunt!hahaha!!*ok obviously im biased,but hoboii..can’t wait for my our own lah!countin days.


again,cutie lil’ damia with her chubby uncle.*ayahteh,can i hv tis palsweet in my milk?!!mmm smellgud!

-oh knw wat,hubba hubba forgot to bring his iC,only to realised whn we reach the lcct,but heck,thankgod the counterlady was quite’nice’ n linear bout’ it,..and let him on board with his drivin license.*haiyohh…nasib baik,else mmg tinggal je la,kitaorg nk gi sukaria …hehe

two boys, a girl and a one big HUG.

yupp..thats me,and my motherinlaw,we’re in d srawak cultural village.its a wonder,how i got all the energy to climb up n down the stairs and the many houses.

infront of d’rumah iban.*just as i thot nothin wrong could happen,hubba hubba realise he forgot to bring his ‘life’ ..i mean,his battery charger!!haiyohh!sungguh benda basic la dear.so,his batt died after a few shots here.

*wif ifan,climbin up the narrow wooden stairs.

hehe..*refer to my flickr

thirteen of us,infront of the entrance.i was told,behind that view..was the Gunung Santubong.

the rest of our travel pix,refer to my flickr la yee..*adios


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