free your mind

havin this open ranting space of mine,at times can be quite releasing,a place so far,i feel i can ‘place’ my thots on certain issues,or simply an updates on my ridiculous encounter,for my friends.gotta admit,its fun gettin feedbacks/criticisms frm myreallifefrens.but at times,i do think more than twice bout’ the stuff i would wanna publish,whether would it be appropriate enough,or would it offended certain people or friends.

tapi,to be told what to write or even pleases people,now,it won’t be fun anymore,no?

ofcoz,i do feel intimidated sometimes and wonderin,who are those readers in my blogstat.well,whoever u are,thanks uh?for takin ur time readin my bland musing nih.:)

oh well,before i end this,lets give a BIG WELCOME to this hot chica-aeyya!for startin her own wordpress likemine too.hurrah!!


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