expect something unexpected

have u guys ever wonder how i met my hubba hubba?well,ofcoz he has his own version of how we got together,and i have my own too.but one thing we agreed on was our first date was to a malay teater held in our uni.

anyhow,the point of the story here is,…yeah something unexpected came out?!but tookup such a long time.

it’s in the august issue.

haha,lawak ok!im almost poppin already,and this article just came out.

just got to know it yesterday frm a collegue of mine,also a fren who took our weddin photo on that day.he bought d’mag then show it to me.

the nextpage.

ofcoz,u guys dun have to buy d mag lah,there’s also online version,tho’ not much as in the mag.
have a peek over here yah P/esonaP/engantin

and nope!i dun go publish it!it’s mymom’s fren who insist it.ohwell,thanks aunty h.


9 thoughts on “expect something unexpected

  1. muahahaha apa kes nie?melawan2 nampak ngan in-tan 😉 anyways gilas romantik CINTA BEPUTIK DI TEATER wakakakaka must be in MPH? or LIBRARY teaterroom??

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