hello fellow me,pump!sayin hi’.can u see? im making a fist thr!im tryin to wave to mom&dad, as the scannin goes along.

..and now,im a wee-bit bigger,but not much tho’.i ‘heard’ doc was askin mommy whether she’s been eatin or not,coz it seem like im a wee-bit smaller compare to the schedule. i knw for sure mommy been eatin alottttt…coz everytime she eats,i’ll b overjoy and moving up and dwn,left and right,just so she knows im happy to b gettin bit of what she’s havin.but,now its gettin crampier,and tats why u readers can’t see mywhole bod’ nomore.

once awhile,i could ‘feel‘daddy’s hand on mummy’s belly,..and then tryin to wisper something…but,sorry dad,cant hear ya,wait til im out aight’!Or mayb u could speak bit louder u knw.and oh!dad,pls stop singin that boery song,im startin to think you sounded like a grandpa’.hehe..

mommy been tellin me its world cup season now,and that why sometimes she tend to sleep bit late, wonder i feel ‘fresh’ during those hour.she said,later when im out..if im awake during those hour,daddy will ‘entertain’ me..yay!thanks dad!we could b like buddies u know.


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