dear friends,

lastnite…as i was tappin on my tummy and dreaming away,it hit me suddenly..ive to start thinkin lullaby songs to sing to pump’..sooth her  to sleep.gawd!im gonna b a mOm soon!*mustknwthese thing irr!

as i remembered,ma’ use to sing me lullabies such as ‘rock a bye baby’,’twinkle twinkle lil star’, and so on..with full enthusiasm!hoOh boi,how happy i was at that time.and,up till now,i only knw the english ones..coz ma’ never sang the malay version.why?coz dia pun tatau,so end up,i also dunno any!

yeah,i am really tat pathetic,i dun knw any malay lullaby… aiyoh!(got rite?)
but ofcoz,what better way to sooth a baby by recitin the zikir.. 😉

so friends,u knw any malay lullaby?thank yous in advance y’all.

irr d blur mOm2b

more on lullaby songs,click here!

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