what r the odds

im sure…most preggers,wonders hw their unborn child would look like…myself included ofcoz. will he/she has the father trait,or the mother. well,what 'normally' people would say,if its a girl,selalunya ikut muka father-nya,and the boys would normally follow their mothers side.but it could also be the other way round.

hubba-hubba's family side is bigger than mine.so,he already has two nieces & two nephews.both i must say are soo adorable!and i can't help it but to realise,those kids looks sooo like him!really..!specially they way they smile and those eyes.mayb it runs in their family with those resemblance.

here's irfan,in redshirt(age 6) and ijoi the younger bro',age 4.

and here's the girls,eisha-a year plus and damia-6mth baby…yeah,the elder sister look bit blur tho'!haha!

so,my *motherinlaw already has two grandson & granddaughter.great combo dah.

what bout my side?well,it'll b my pa ma firsttime being grandparents,mybrothers firsttime being uncles,my grandma first cicit,cousins being firsttime aunties & uncles. And us,definately first time parent.


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