i've reach the milestone of 100th day of my pregnancy.


pic1:check out my belly y'all..its huuugeeee now dah kan?

pic2:gawd!i can feel myself a bit heavier..!

pic3:baby,you complete me.

Lessons I learned so far being a pregger..(not in oder)

-the terrible terrible experience of morning sickness

-the ever constant trip to the loo

-the pickin up of food cravin-desert specially;brownies,banana split,icecreams,etc…

-the adjustment of my sleepin position

-the rapid weight gainnin!

-the daily medication;obimin & calcium

-the lookin fwd of monthly checkup,scanning!

-the changin of bra size!

-realisin nails are growin faster and faster

-oh!and lately the experiencin of nose bleed…

-changin of attire to maternity clothin

-the sensation feelin of the baby's movement

-the heartburn!

What i haven't encounter ..yet

->the bloated feet & hand!!*yikes.. hope it doesnt happen.. bley escape tak ni?

Oh haven't i told u guys… insya Allah,we'll b gettin lil' pinkie winkie. 😉


12 thoughts on “100th

  1. bley bley ted…soon pegi green studio…courtesy of tedroz ke nanti shooting…huhuhu…perli aa tuh suh pakai heels…dah simpan dalam almari dah heels..skarang sume flat jer kasut..takut tergolek…

  2. omigoodness!! A BABY GUURRLLL!!! :O

    I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNTIEEE!! (i just realised that)

    Ok aliaa.. breathe breathe. LOL *happiness*

    Also wanted to ask you if you had any preference for colours for baby things? I’m thinking of knitting you something. Booties maybe?



  3. gosh byk nyee comment..hehe

    aliaa: a bootie?waaaaa how nice of u!doesnt hv to b pink,..anycolor will do.
    now now,come back cepatlaaa…miss u!

    nerr,leen,irdina,dalie:hehe thanks!

    aeyya: i knoooowwwwwww!3month is such a ‘short’ time jugak!

  4. my kak didikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    u glowwwwww women, seriously
    soooo prettyful i tell u
    haih..ted u so lucky u know
    miss u lah
    jom ..go gallavanting..maybe..we should “educate” the baby earlier so that she speaks OUR language :p

    hugs n kishes

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