lalala..oh what a nite..

right after my SPM,my family move back to our hometwn,in Iph.u see,we move alot.not coz of my dad was in the army force,but the company just like givin him new places to be at.

anyhow..since we move alot,means..i've been to different school each yr/or 2.Been to two sekolah rendah.As for high school ..,three of it.(all d way girlsskool).

as far as i remember,i dun have any problem gettin into the new environment .i just luv meetin up new faces..its the 'goodbye' part i dun quite like it.

becoz i move alot,sometimes when i bump into familiar faces …i can get confuse,as to which school that i met this person… 😉

the last school,that would always b in myheart,would b my highschool back in penang.many great friends i make.the naughty ones,the good ones,the smart ones,the lousy ones,the lesbo..u name it…haha..mcm2 ada.

somesay,goin to asrama is way better as to compare daily school..but hey,each to its own.if ur smart,ur matter which school u go,aight?.

why the sudden talk bout school nih?well,two nites ago,i got a missed call.checked the messagebox,then i heard a nicematsalleh slang overthe otherline.suddenly it trigger me,its my fren,celeste,who's back frm States.Lasttime i saw her,was the year 1997.Few months later,off she went to pursue her music studies in the u.s

so,lastnite i met my longtimenosee fren,celeste,together with her cutie 4yrold ichiro and friendly husband,brian.oh what a nite we had.blast frm the past.


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