The A,B,C

Antenal was great.attend it together with hubba hubba last week.we took a day off, cost us for only 20ring.there's a session with our Dr.H on his personal talk bout pregnancy + labor.Q&A session was the most popular!-to which i asked to him,"is there any side effects of takin epidural?(answer:only the first few weeks-the backache.*woah..ok)

He recommended to most newly mothers,to take epidural,as he describe it,the labor pain,could b too much for a firsttimer.

And then,there's this man asked him,"so,what can i do to relief my wife's pain?is there anything i can help her"

To which he anwered,"No.Nothing.cept'…be  sympathy to her,gives her support..and be there for her"   and from lookin ur wife in labor,u learn to love her more (the suffering she has to go thru) and appreciate your baby.

Aww…how sweet kan this Dr.ofmine!

Bladder.As aspected,my bladder can't hold it too long.must go to toilet almost every hour.eventho' i dun drink too much..or do i?mmm..

Constipation.which i experience durin my 5th month.but,i finally know wats the cause of it…i *think* its due to my intake of obimin & calcium.solution?dun take it immediately after meal,tunggu jap for the 'nature call'..then only consume the pills.

Another C..

Can't wait for mynext checkup (means,another scannin session 4 us & da bb)..this friday.woohoo!


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