It's still May

since its monday-first workin pretty bored of lookin at the same work that need to be done,soOoo…as suggested by nurul,why don't i do tis meme thingy,justtoupdate this's my yah!why not!

My ex was also a capricon..and i can't help it,that i 'sometimes' can get mixup with hubs bday 😉

Maybe I should,continue and do this meme and see how it goes.

I love it far.

I don’t understand,when i talk to someone and her/his reply would b 'aha'.

I lose myself to any shopping sales easily..darn*!

People say ..why am i still not wearin my 'uniform' yet!sabar2 la ye,i am..just not in da office yet.Soon tho'.

Love is heart shape.

Somewhere, someone is thinkin of givin me a babyshower?*wink *wink

I will always remember my arwah najib.

Forever is can be good ..can be bad..can be sad..can be happy.

I never want to grow old and grumpy…i want to grow old gracefully.

I think the current US President put his brains in his ass

When I wake up in the morning, i look/feel my see whether its gettin bigger/heavier ……and sometimes,i thot am i dreamin im pregnant.heh

My past was ok lor.nothing to regret.

I get annoyed ..again,when people reply to me with 'aha'.

Parties are for party-goer?

My dog is …gosh!i forgot his name.use to have one.but,we kept distance frm him.end up,mydad layan him most.

My cat is ..err,sorry!im 'afraid' of cats.

Kisses are the best when ur sleepin and least expected.

Tomorrow is still a workin day for me.

I really want to be a great wife and super?mom..hah!

I have low tolerance for ppl who answered 'aha'.what the heck is 'aha' la wei!!its not even yes/no/ok/wutever!!


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