it never crosses my mind,there is such a thing as 'Maternity Photography'.Well,i got bump into it,while i was searchin bout' some online woman magazine (for some gossips!teehee),and the word Maternity,ofcoz got me interested.

there's tons of website which actually offer pregnant woOman to be photograph.interesting isn't it?!rather than,lookin the usuals weddings&engagements,pets&people,sunrise&sunset..which is common.

so it got me googling(spellin?) more and more bout it.wahey…rupanya banyak la jugak.

Here's a few links which u might wanna check it out:

Maternity By Koren | FootPrints Photograph | Dara Blakeley | Seth Mayer
For our local taste,try goin here.

"Like a wedding or graduation, a pregnancy marks a momentous change in your life. It is a brief moment in time that all too often goes unrecorded."

im sure there's bound to have few ladies-out-there which find it embrassin to be photograph with a huge bump,strechmark here&thr,lookin fugly and out of shape..but hey!this is the time for a rememberance those hardship of pregnancy we' went thru,and what more,you could show it to ur kids or grandkids,how GREAT you look!(or not)

but then again,different people,different oppinion la kan. 😛

But,if were talkin bout' the best photographer for babies shots,it gotta be Anne Geddes.She's known for her pictures of infants in whimsical settings.

And,for a's mine. 🙂 in my 5th.


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