The Big Letter 'M'

It's Mother's Day today.So spread the love y'all to your mummy/MIL and ofcoz soon to be mom!!! 

dear lil'pumpkin,..mommy can't wait to see you and give you tons of hugs and kisses. insya Allah,i'll b seein you again…in another few weeks time with Dr.H for another checkup.In the meantime,enjoy wigglin inside mommy's tummy and if you could kick bit harder,it'll b great coz daddy been waitin for that momment. xoxo

Meanwhile,here's a waaay overdue scan pic i wanted to upload earlier,but always forgot to bring-in to the office to scan it. 


pumpkin about 10weeks old..still like a tiny peanut.


this one,about 3months old..can u see,my pumpkin resting in horizontal happily,i assume.


this is the time,when we eagerly wanted to know pumpkin's gender..but,he/she still a shy fella,mayb nextmonth?(4monthsold).


the head is lookin bit bigger frm the previous scannin,gettin wee bit stronger..and that's why mommy can feel you now dear..pump's in 21weeks(5mthsold).

Yeah..the doc' sorta told us the gender at this stage,but lets not be too sure for it.Need to reconfirm it again..just to play safe.

Now,time to bath and munch!munch!munch!Adios peeps.


8 thoughts on “The Big Letter 'M'

  1. hmmmm amazing right!!!!!!im happy for ya dear…can see ur big smile n endless excitement of being a gr8 mummy to ur lil’ pumpkin!*muahks* to he/she???

  2. sgtlah clear dan makin besar..cepat tul development baby niekan…bestnya…!!! can’t wait for my time..jgn nanti masa scan for gender dia duk malu2 plak…:-D

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