knock knock


yupp,more-less half way to go before my labor day.*yikes..time sure flies real fast lah these days.and June is just a few weeks away,meaning i'll be enterin the countdown another 3months.

im beginnin to start havin the backache,just like those days before i got my period,sengal2 gitu.but,its still bearable.and oh,my gums too started to hurts abit,again..still bearable.what i still can't stand is,the smell of 'bau2 goreng' yg keterlaluan.oH!please!!

on a happier note,i *think* my lil'pumpkin have started to 'knock-knock' on me…in other words,i can feel the movement d'.*yay me!! some say,it feels like 'butterfly in the stomach'..but nah-ah,not me,i feel like a cute lil'punch.

hubba hubba can't feel the 'cute punch' tho,i guess,the knock is just too mild for him.just wait for another month dear',mayb you'll feel it yah!

we haven't started buyin any major stuff for the baby yet,still lookin around and browsin online.gosh,if only the shipping charges are not too high!dah lama borong selamba je?haha..

but first,i think it's wise to come up with the must-have stuff's list before both of us (or me!!) gone overboard.

woopsy..there goes another knock!knock!this lil' pumpkin wanna say 'hi' to you readers too.

to leen & nud,CONGRATULATION!!!another mommy & daddy in da making.



3 thoughts on “knock knock

  1. Thanks a lot guys…:-D Do pray for my health and the ‘little one’ too..currently feeling fatigue…and how nice it is to be in bed right now …*sigh……………

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