and so,she hasn't got a clue we were plannin for her surprise birthday.

lemme just let the pictures do all the 'talkin' yah!

-the babe!


sang the official buffday song for her …and she said,its been quite sometime since she last blows candles.awwww…


us gurls who came..,lft-rt:me,masyuk,alynn,cheyah,buffday-babe and dalie


together with the lovely couple,afti & jai…

*aftoz: jai…smileeEEee  jai,smilee..i said smile!!

*jai: i ammmmm…i amm……


and also the tiga-sekawan,lft-rt:nengzter,G and ofcoz my hubba hubba  nurul33.jpg

not forgetin,our very own-kown!! 🙂

*abang waiter berckp dlm hati: cepat ah skit order,penat ahh duduk camni…pfffttt

*ownzie cool: emm…i wan tis …tis and tisss….oh wait…emm…

*abang waiter: nasib ko besar dari aku…tapi,kawan2 ko pun besar gak lah…hehe


the culprit,masyoo & me…hehehe..masyoo!u look so mischievousshe4.jpg

gosh!look at em' guys…busy watchin F1 on the tele…cept' me,always ready for piccie.

*ownzie smillin' that a good sign ? hehe..


miss nurul and the guys,….emm ,wassup with the hands masuk poket??

*mencari cinta Part 1001? hahaha


whole gang!*editted


*yaya dearest,notice my cute tummy? 😉

ok,..who's next?i know another chicas who's buffday tis month also.*grin grin 😉


7 thoughts on “gotcha!

  1. wakakaka.. so funny aa beb .. mamat waiter tu should visit ur blog aa beb… ala ira.. like u dont know me and my mischevious look.. cannot dipisahkan…

  2. hahaha..funny!!! but knape dlm the last pic everyone look a bit distorted? hehehe…twas a SUPER DUPER GREAT celebration, with SUPER DUPER YUMMY food, and the best COMPANY! dah lama tak gelak gila2 cam hari tu 🙂 btw, bila tgk cake tu, rasa cam tak puas makan hari tu :p

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