the first time,i got to know im pregnant…i was estatic!
then,i started to realise, its also the first time,i actually miss havin my period…and missing it for such a looooong time.
my first time experiencing  the horrible horrible mornin sickness
first time readin lotsa lotsa pregnancy-babies-parenting articles/mag/books/forums..and first time signin up to those newsletters.

first time,i gain weight with reason.*wink

nine weeks,was the first time,meetin gynae for antenatal checkup and did scanning.

first time,enterin and buyin maternity clothes in modernmum + mothers'club + topshop + dp.(yupp!sudah ada di mesia)

first time,experiencing my belly yg sungguh round itu. 

and later,its goin to be my first time ever goin thru labor.*sgt takut*

..of coz,soon goin to be our first time being a parent.
now that i can't wait!


today,im on my 20th weeks.another 20 wks to go!


4 thoughts on “Uno

  1. eekss!! i can’t wait!!! there’s always a first time for everything, and looks like ur going through a lotta firsts there 🙂 thank god there’s funky clothes for expecting moms out there hehe…take care of your little bun!

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