i’m famos for..

blowin/trumpetin my nose with tons and tons of tissue….almosttt e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y!

and then,leavin trails of tissues everywhere…in the car,mi casa,me office..just name it.

what trigger me of writting this post?

well,it all came up during one of my trainin,when the trainer was showing a slideshow entitled 'only in japan' where,all sorts of creative inventions japanese ppl came up with.and one of it,was the invention of 'putting a toilet paper on top of ur head'for those ppl who are always in need (a.k.a ME!).(i shud have asked the pic frm him)

so when that picture came up,all my groupmates was pointin at me!!..haha!nah,i dun feel offended at all,coz i too find it funny..coz obviously,they observed me..every single day,blowin my runny nose!how embrassin too actually!!!

the thing is,some say its sinus,but my doc says its just an alergy.and some say,i have to pantang on certain food (e.g seafood)..haihhh!mana tahann beb!

but i have my own ways of tryin to 'keep it low' on tat runny nose of mine.

-no direct fan/aircond to ma face

-dun wake up suddenly and shoot of to bath/wash my face,atleast take mytime bout 30sec

-dun dusk habuk2!teehee..ni sah2 malas nak menyapu!

only whn d flu got worst,i take my 'mujarab flu pil' -clarinase!but now since im ms.preggie,nah-ah its a big NO-NO! so tahan aje lah.

allrites dearest frens,im off to bed now.hope 2morow for a brighter and flu-free for me.-toodlepeeps!

ok,the pic looks somethin like tis,but funnier!



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