So,Today is Monday

..and im in the office feelin pretty sleepy right now!!and the thot of takin an EL did crosses my mind,but heck..too much sleep ain’t good uh.anyhooott,how was ur weekends?did i manage to accomplish my ‘todo list’?,yeah i would say bout’ 75% of it.

had early brekkie with a dear fren over in desa pandan,then we shoot off to the nearby salon.tho’ we have to wait almostttt an hour or so,since its tooo early for the shop to open,or was it becoz its sunday morning?,and org susah nak bangun (*hint-mr.hubba hubba)! but atlast, the shop did open.we were the first-two customer to enter.

its very important to tell the hairdresser how u wanted ur hair to ‘looklike’..or else u come out feelin unstatisfy and miserable,just like what happen to me frm myprevious haircuts!soOo,whats the outcome frm this salon?i must say…im very2 happy with what she did,trimmin and choppin bit of my hair,tho at first i was thinkin of cuttin it very2 short and dye it,but as a 2nd thot i wouldnt want my inlaws to get the shock of her life..muahaha.mayb next time uh? and oh!the pay?woah i must say,very afforable and reasonable.only rm45 doh!

*yeah i know,my hair still more-less looks d same..hahaha..but i do feel abit different!tats wat matter MOST hah!

Of S.G.T
later in the afternoon,hubba hubba and i,cooked our very own sotong goreng tepung.the taste?yummyliciousssssssss!skali rasa,nak lagi 🙂


4 thoughts on “So,Today is Monday

  1. u now blogging huh?
    lucky me terer browse off
    wait for ur add..zaman berzaman

    ahaks…cutey buttyflies!!
    ailike 😉 hey now amature
    cooker aleady…when la
    cook for ma???? muahks

    take care mamaira

    Aunty.Fara *muax*

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